Corazon Torres

Writing as Corazon Torres

Trouble is the fearless leader of the roller derby team, The Punk Ladies. They are gearing up for another stellar season when a scandal forces them to withdraw from the league. As if losing roller derby wasn’t enough, Trouble discovers her fiance is having an affair. Desperate for stability, Trouble clings to her cousin and her derby team. Until the man who broke her heart years ago walks back into her life and throws everything into chaos, Roman Gatsby.

It was the moment we had spent our entire lives waiting for. A movie was made about our rock band. A documentary centered around the lives of Me, my boyfriend Elliott, and his brother, Taime. Everything was caught on camera, including me with another man. Three years later, Taime is at my door, begging me to come back to the band I was kicked out of. He’ll do anything to make that happen. Except tell his brother it was him on camera with me that night. A spicy, messy rockstar romance.