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She pleaded for a higher power to take her away, but she didn’t realize someone was listening. Rose gets thirteen days to find the person she’s looking for, or else Adriel, the alluringly dangerous man with violet eyes who calls himself a magician, will keep her as his. Surrender to Forever is a dark fantasy romance. The heroine has multiple partners, but this is a M/F romance with a cliffhanger ending.

Disowned and told to figure out life on her own, Mona has nothing but the scars on her wrist and a place to live, even if it means sharing it with Swayze Price, the strikingly handsome former felon who dons a mask to scare people at the biggest haunt in the state every night. Living together but separate is fine until Swayze begs her not to date his friend. But she can’t resist the allure of a secret affair; and neither can he. Duel POV, dark, spicy, and watch chapters for triggers.