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I’d been beaten, broken, and forced into an upcoming marriage to a beast of a man. With a childish wish to be taken away from this world, I unknowingly drew the attention of a being from another world. Adriel, the handsome Goblin King with violet eyes and tattoos covering his scars, appeared, and told me just to ask and he’d make all of my problems go away.

Begging him to return things to how they were, he refused, and offered instead for me to come with him and fix it myself. No sooner did I get there, I discovered that this wasn’t Neverland. This wasn’t Wonderland. This was Gobland, and Adriel’s deadly creations weren’t going to let me just walk through the Asylum and retrieve what he took. No, the alluringly dangerous man with magic beyond my wildest, darkest dreams wants me to play his game. Thirteen days, or I’m his forever.

I’m not the first Rose to be taken, but I’m the first who’s wanted to stay.

Surrender to Forever is a dark fantasy romance. The heroine has multiple partners, but has a HEA with just one person.