You And Me

You and Me Series

Their love IS requited, they are just idiots.

I was eighteen when I had Ethan’s name tattooed onto my skin before I ran away from him. I was too young to be tied down, but three years later I’m married to a man I don’t love and wishing I’d never left the man whose name is on my neck. Now I’m forced to share a tour bus with Ethan, and I can’t help but remember why I fell in love with him in the first place. – Cleo

Cleo was the one girl I could never truly have. She was spectacular on stage, and I finally grew the balls to ask her out. We were living our best lives when she left me sad, alone, and with a permanent reminder of her written on my neck for everyone to see. Now she’s forced to work with me. That means sharing a stage, and a tour bus. I can’t wait. – Ethan

Missing You, Missing Me is a second chance rock star romance with a HEA. While finishing the series will give you the full story for all band members, you do not have to read them all to get Cleo and Ethan’s love story.

Adrian: I love my life. Truly I do. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll, am I right?

It’s been a wild ride I’ve been on since I was a teenager, but we all have to grow up eventually. All around me everyone is marrying up and settling down. That kind of happiness is something I’ve never really had with anyone before. Is it a bad thing to want that simple kind of life?

Chase: It’s a hard thing to grasp. Your own mortality.

I did all the right things. I have dedicated my life to serving the community and keeping people safe, but I never really thought about who was going to take care of me. I didn’t need anyone to come home to. I was happy with my life, until I found out that my life wasn’t going to be as long as I had thought. I can’t just continue with the status quo. I’ve gotta live.

Chase and Adrian are the most unlikely couple you’ll ever meet, yet, they were meant for each other so completely. Meeting while doing the walk of shame, and then a second time while Chase is responding to a drunk and disorderly, they both realize that there’s something there. They’d like to see where it takes them; and where it takes them is around the country on a tour neither of them will forget.

Promising You, Promising Me is a low heat M/M Romance with A HEA. While you can read this book as a stand alone, to get the full Maria Maria rock star experience, it is recommended to start with Missing You, Missing Me, and read the full four book series.

I never expected to marry a rockstar. As a member of a traveling theatre troupe, I was addicted to a different kind of stage. I dropped everything willingly when I met the hot, adorable drummer of rock band Maria Maria, Mark Lacey. I was happy to take on a different role- the happy, doting wife, but sometimes I miss the simpler life I once had.

He tells me he’s happy. He has the ridiculous mansion, the career of a lifetime, and well- me. I thought things were perfect, but seeing his bandmates starting families has Mark thinking about adding to our own family. But- pregnancy isn’t an option for me. Mark asks for so little, it hurts my heart to not be able to give him this one thing, when he gives me the world. So, when he comes up with a solution, I go with it, despite my hesitations.

I couldn’t ask for a better person to carry our child. Cleo is doing everything in her power to make sure I feel as involved as possible, but I still hold back. Why can’t anyone see that I’m not just married to a celebrity, but a real person with real feelings? Just once, I wants to be in that spotlight, to remember what it was like before I became a wife.

Cherishing You, Cherishing Me is book three in my You and Me rockstar romance series. Each book can be read as a standalone with a HEA, but to enjoy the full story I suggest reading them in order.

I, Dita Fox, am a runner. I won’t commit to anything, whether that be my job, my apartment, or even my boyfriend. It’s much easier to ditch a rough situation rather than admit my mistakes. And I have made a lot of mistakes.

Hi, I’m Derek Turtle, and even while trying to tell you about my love story I can’t take it seriously. Okay, I guess I’ll try.
I crash on couches and drink like a fish until it’s time to get on stage. Life was going great until I fell hard and fast for the wrong girl. Not ashamed of who knows it, I am determined to make her mine forever. Provided I can show her I’m a man she can be proud of.

Now that their relationship is out in the open Derek is struggling with being in love for the first time, while Dita deals with the pressure of being Derek’s everything. A big tour for the band is starting and she’s not ready to commit to more than being just a girlfriend. Baring everything to Derek is a huge risk, and if he is anything like all the others, he won’t stay. Can Derek go on tour without doubting Dita’s loyalty? Only if Dita can finally admit that to herself that he’s here to stay, and she can stop running. Trusting You, Trusting Me is the fourth and final book in the You and Me series.