Bury Me In Blood

I have 365 days before I turn.


One year before I have to face everything I’ve been avoiding for so long.

A career, a marriage, a family.

I’m Desiderio Amato, and I’m supposed to create a new line of vampires to pass on our name.

Screw that.

Scout is perfect in every way but one. She’s not a vampire. Time’s ticking, and every day I know that one day I won’t have her anymore. Would it be so bad to ask her to give up everything, for an eternity with me?


Desi is a goof. He’s cute, snarky, and… mine.

We come from two different worlds. One where I struggle for my next meal, and one where he has never even looked at the price of something. Why would he want someone like me?

There’s something he’s hiding. I’m not sure exactly what, but deep down, I wonder, is it me?


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