When you get told to run, you get up and don’t look back.

We had one shot to get out of the Sinister Minister’s grasp, and we took it. Hand in hand, Kansas and I fled in the middle of the night, with a promise that we’d never tell a soul about what happened at that house, and how Constantine died.

Eisley has spent the last decade looking over her shoulder while trying to forget the horrors The Minister and ‘The Family’ inflicted upon her and others. However, something continues to call to her. In the deepest roots of her psyche, she can’t escape the nightmares of her time trapped in the cult.

All of her fears come to a head when she finds a letter taped to her door, informing her that a documentary is being made about The Minister and the events that took place ten years ago. When she politely declines, she can’t help but wonder why they didn’t fight her more to talk.

It isn’t until she turns on the TV that she sees that they didn’t need her to talk because they had someone else to captivate their audience.

They found Constantine.

He’s alive.

He remembers that we left him.

Slash or Pass is a MFM horror romance. If you like slasher horror, spicy romance, and a little schmink in your books, you’re going to enjoy this novel


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