“Come play with us, Delaney…”

Laney is my everything. Her smile became my obsession and when someone else threatened to take her from me, take her innocence, I took him out of the picture.

They separated us, in hopes that our desires would fade, but the longer we stayed apart, the stronger my obsession grew. I have one chance to show her what we could be, and if I have to slaughter everyone in my path to do so… so be it.

Stopping home for a night, Delaney sees Priest, her stepbrother, for the first time since a suspicious and horrific murder occurred five years ago. He’s sinfully handsome, and ink covers his tight muscles, tempting Delaney to touch something she’s always been told was wrong; and yet, she invites him to join her at the Vincent hotel, where they soon find themselves trapped by the weather, their own forbidden feelings, and a murderer on the loose.

Memories are resurfaced, ghosts are everywhere, and deaths are aplenty when your psycho, hot, inked, stepbrother is afoot.

Slay Less is a forbidden stepbrother m/f horror erotic romance.

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