Final Girls Featurettes

Final Girl Featurettes

D. Is for Dedicated.
A. Is for Attentive.
D. Is for Devoted.
D. Is for Defender of.
Y. Is for Young Ladies.

Every young girl gets a D.A.D.D.Y assigned to her on her 8th birthday. Your D.A.D.D.Y is your protector of all things bad. He will work with you, helping you learn how to explore the above world safely. We love our D.A.D.D.Y’s, don’t we girls?

Eleanor was raised in the bunkers down below, safe from the bombs, the creepies, and everything else the apocalypse has to offer the world above. She’s been trained to be a good girl, just like all the others, and listen to her D.A.D.D.Y, as he takes her up to the surface to explore and gather items that might just save the world some day.

On Eleanor’s 18th birthday, she wants to do something… more. It’s time to explore the above world on her own, starting at an abandoned amusement park. When her D.A.D.D.Y is killed trying to save her from the creepies, she is assigned a new D.A.D.D.Y, Callahan.

Callahan is different from the other D.A.D.D.Y’s. He’s mean, and strict, and he insists on making her call him by his title. But the worst part, the part Eleanor can’t get past, is that Callahan is her age, he’s hot, and he’s got a secret.

Like Father Like Slaughter is a horror romance novella. If you like 100 page reads with spicy spooky content, you’ll enjoy this short, standalone story.