Little Deaths

Little Deaths Series

One goal. 30 years. 10,000 souls. Sounds easy, right?


It’s not. Easy, that is. Even for one of the seven deadly sins like me. And the closer I draw to the ever elusive 10,000, the more I feel something isn’t right.

The new girl on the night shift caught my eye. She shouldn’t. After all, I’m trying to break the curse to get my one true love back. And yet, the chemistry is undeniable.

What will happen when I hit that final number? Has my one true love been under my nose this entire time, or is there more here to unravel?


Have you ever made a deal with the devil and then forgotten the terms and conditions? No, I dont suppose it’s that common. But that’s where I find myself.

Breaking this curse will lead me to true happiness, whatever and whoever that turns out to be. If only one of the deadly sins hadn’t caught my eye.

A little death can’t be that bad, right? Why not have fun while I bide my time for eternal happiness?

One true love, restored. Problem solved, right?


Turns out, it’s not that simple, and the woman I thought I knew, I didn’t know at all.

Now, I’m starting from the beginning and learning all kinds of new things about the woman I love… or loved.

I’ve worked too hard to get her, I’m not losing her now. But when family gets themselves involved, is it even my decision anymore?


He’s exactly who I remember him to be; sweet, sexy, adorable, and yet, there’s still something not quite right.

There’s an evil that lurks beneath the surface, his sin not what I expected it to be. And with no family of my own to turn to, I look to his for guidance.

But are they here to help and suppprt us, or do they have their own agendas in mind?

I have 365 days before I turn.


One year before I have to face everything I’ve been avoiding for so long.

A career, a marriage, a family. I’m Desiderio Amato, and I’m supposed to create a new line of vampires to pass on our name.

Screw that.

Scout is perfect in every way but one. She’s not a vampire. Time’s ticking, and every day I know that one day I won’t have her anymore. Would it be so bad to ask her to give up everything, for an eternity with me?


Desi is a goof. He’s cute, snarky, and… mine.

We come from two different worlds. One where I struggle for my next meal, and one where he has never even looked at the price of something. Why would he want someone like me?

There’s something he’s hiding. I’m not sure exactly what, but deep down, I wonder, is it me?