The Breakables

The Breakables Series

Jimmy: Three months. That’s it. Do the stupid legacy tour with my bastard brother and pick up the check at the finish line. That’s not so hard when you think about it in it’s simplest form. I just have to focus on the end goal and stop worrying about everything around me. You know, like getting caught sleeping with my band’s bassist, or rather, my best friend’s boyfriend. Stuck on a tour bus with all of them, what could go wrong?

Tate: I’m a man of many names. To most, I’m GP, a guilty pleasure and nothing else. Oddly enough, I was okay with that. Up until this tour. I was hired to play the bass for my friend’s band. I was just a stand in. Get in, get out, and move on. Just like the rest of my life. That was, until I met his sister. He calls her the ice queen, but to me, she’s more. Or at least, I want her to be more. I just need to get her to give me a second look. Not as GP, but as Tate Whitlock.

Too Much Like You is book one in an all new spin off series from Tylor Paige’s You and Me books. To Fully enjoy this book and series, it is recommended that you read Missing You, Missing Me. Warning! This book ends in a cliffhanger, but the full series is available now!

Jimmy: I don’t know what I was expecting. Dating Tate, my brother’s bandmate, all the while I was sleeping with Ronny, my best friend’s boyfriend. The explosion of both relationships was bound to happen, it just sucks it was on my wedding day. Which leads to a whole new issue. I now have a husband I can’t be with. Why? Because everything and everyone seems to be against us. If it’s not Ronny wanting to be with me, it’s someone who’s about to join our lives whether we like it or not. I’m not ready for that kind of commitment, and as much as Tate denies it, he isn’t either. Why force something that won’t work?

Tate: I have never met someone so blind to the things around her. I don’t know how many times and ways I can tell her I love her before she realizes it. It’s hard seeing her move on with her life without me as her partner, but I have to accept that she doesn’t want me anymore. Or does she? She thinks I don’t notice the stolen looks she gives me, or how her smile isn’t genuine when she’s with him. I know I come with baggage, but it’s nothing we can’t work through together. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I’m not giving up on us. Jimmy is my wife, and I’m going to fight for her until she tells me to stop. It’s weird that she hasn’t, though. Right? As the daughter of two rock legends, you’d think starting your own music career would be easy. But for Jimmy Paige, she’s finding that just because her mom and dad mixed business with pleasure, it’s not always a good idea. After a disastrous last show, she’s left with a ring on her finger and a broken band. While exiting stage left is usually her go to, maybe it’s time to stand front and center and decide for herself what kind of rock star she wants to be. And who she wants to be there with.

Jimmy: Am I really doing this? Yes. Tate, GP, whatever you want to call him, stole my heart a year ago and I just can’t seem to get it back. I don’t want it back. I’m finally ready to give us a shot. Him, Me, and maybe something more. If I’m being honest, I’m afraid. Can I still have the rock and roll life I’ve grown up with and a family? Is it bad to want both? Or more importantly, can I?

Tate: I didn’t think it’d happen. I pulled it off, by the skin of my teeth, but I did it. Jimmy is mine. My wife. My bandmate, my wife, and the way she has embraced my situation makes me want to make her so much more. I want to make her happy, and I think she is, but the shift in our lives has been hard on her. On me too. I’m so used to being GP, it’s hard to be…. Dad. I love it, Jimmy loves it, but I miss the stage, the road, the crowd. Am I allowed to follow my dreams and keep the life we have? Or will I be forced to choose between my love for music and the love of my child?

Knowing That It’s Us is the third and final book in The Breakables series. It continues the story of Jimmy Andrews, daughter of rock legends, Cleo and Ethan. Yes, there is a HEA.